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EDT Engine

EDT Engine

Put the smile back on your face with an EDT Treatment

Remember the smile on your face when you drove your car for the first time? EDT can give you that smile back again after we have given your car our Engine cleaner treatment. With your engine performance and driveability improved, more responsive power delivery, and smoother, quieter running, your vehicle will feel as good as new.

EDT Treatment - Green Apple Award Winner 2015
Money Back Guarantee

If you don't experience at least one of the benefits of our Engine Decontamination Treatment, we will refund the cost of the treatment guaranteed!

How it works

Restore performance, save fuel and reduce your car's CO emissions with the proven engine deep clean

Keeping your car on the move is expensive, so cut down your costs by improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. An EDT Treatment will be the best thing you have given to your car, it'll bring back the smile you had when it was ""new'.

You wash the outside NOW you can wash the inside.

EDT Treatment

The EDT engine deep clean has proven results of:


Up to 25% improvement in fuel economy

6 bhp

Average increase in power and 7ftlb torque


Average reduction in CO emissions

Improved performance and driveability

A smoother, quieter engine

Engine longevity


Our award-winning EDT Treatments improve fuel economy, reduce carbon emissions and improve driving performance!

Improve your carbon footprint and to get your vehicle running like new again.